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We constantly invest in our people, so they can source the best talent for you.


Our Values

At Mutim, we don’t believe in just itemising our values but in institutionalising them. Our founding team were brought together by shared values and a common desire to do things better. They believed in doing things differently and offering an honest, dedicated service to both candidates and clients. As we grow and develop, we are determined to change people’s perceptions of the role that a recruitment agency can play.

Our values are the bedrock of our business. These are the qualities that underpin our ethos and enable us to deliver the outstanding results and customer service that our clients demand. It defines how we operate; how we conduct ourselves; and how we measure our performance – both individually and as a team.

Mutim is founded upon the following values.


Honesty & Integrity

To be truly trusted, we must be responsible, clear and honest in our dealings with our clients, candidates and each other. To achieve this, we have pledged to tell no lies to nor to deliberately mislead either our clients, candidates or colleagues. We provide fully-transparent and honest feedback to our clients and candidates, even when it would be far easier not to! We are open about our rates, fees and margins, including with our candidates, and we are not afraid to say no to or discontinue working with candidates or clients who threaten our values.

Commitment & Responsibility

This commitment and responsibility are to our clients, to our candidates and again, to each other, for our actions and for our delivery Quite simply, this is doing what we say we will when we say we will, going the extra mile/ working the extra hours when required, delivering the required services to our clients, in line with the deadlines that have been agreed. Of course, there are internal SLAs in place to help ensure that these commitments are met.


Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our business. We work in an incredibly fast-paced industry and whilst there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of recruitment, nor has there ever been a greater need to keep abreast of developments and remain at the forefront of technology, trends and best practice. We invest heavily in external training, we regularly attend conferences and exhibitions, we follow the relevant thought-leaders across the industry press and social media, and then share those thoughts and ideas with each other via the weekly forum mentioned above.



At Mutim, we want “quality” to be evident in everything that we do, from the advice that we give to the services we offer, and of course, in the candidates we present and the vacancies we offer. Again, there are various internal SLAs in place to help us monitor and achieve the highest level of quality we can. We have an SLA of 24hrs for all applicants to have been contacted by us, whether they are appropriate for the position applied for or not. We monitor and target key quality ratios, such as the ratio of CVs sent to interviews arranged. All candidates and clients “in play” are spoken to each and every week, irrespective of whether there are significant developments to report or not


Why Are These Values Important?

These core values underpin Mutim Resources – who we are and what we do. They inform the actions we take and the decisions we make. We believe that upon receiving instruction from a client, we are then representatives of their company. A good recruitment partner should enhance the reputation and “brand” of the companies they recruit for and we believe that in living these values, we are providing a positive candidate experience, irrespective of the position, the seniority, or the value to us. Candidates that have a positive recruitment experience are far more likely to accept an offer from the end client and of course, are far more likely to recommend our services to friends and colleagues, giving our clients access to the very best talent in the market place.

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