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At Mutim Resources, we provide a true consultancy-style service to our clients. We have strong values that run through our business backed up by professional approaches that dictate how we approach our clients’ recruitment needs and problems. Hence, we strive to be a true recruitment partner and not just a recruitment agency.

Our services have been designed to support our clients and candidates, making the recruitment process as efficient and seamless as possible. Whether you are searching for new employees for your business, or searching for the right company to help progress your career, Mutim Resources can support you every step of the way.

How we help our Clients:

Knowledge is absolutely key to our success and our exceptionally high client retention rate. By taking the time to really get to know our clients and understand their ethos, preferences, values, goals and needs, we can provide a tailored service that ensures we remain a cost-effective recruitment solution for your company. Whether you’re looking to source permanent, temporary or contract staff, we can help.

At Mutim Resources we embrace cutting-edge specialist technology to enable us to pull the elite out of the woodwork and select the best match for our clients and candidates. In addition to traditional CV and interview qualifications, we technically assess all our candidates to compare core and specific skills against the role they are applying for. We also utilise a combination of techniques to further enhance our candidate assessment process, resulting in sourcing the best and most suitable candidate ready to give all to your organisation.

The Consultation

We use our experience, knowledge and expertise, to understand not just the daily duties and responsibilities of the job vacancy, but the core aims of the position and the team dynamics.  We’ll consider and match the candidate's present job, duties and background with that of the prospective position. We’ll also discuss possible options for training, development and future development. All this information is then used to identify a perfect candidate that is fit for purpose and who will go on to fulfil the client's hiring requirements.

Employee Assessments

We carry out strict, uncomplicated employee assessments through a number of different scenarios in compliance with client’s requirements and our legal obligations. When it comes to employee assessment during the recruitment process, we’re ready to help you find the very best permanent, temporary or contract staff using our thorough assessment and recruitment process,  to introduce you to the most qualified candidate that is dedicated to delivering the required result.

We understand the valuable and invaluable costs of high employee turnover resulting from hiring the wrong candidates - investing precious time and training someone that simply does not fit within your organisation. We have tried and trusted employee assessment processes that have successfully helped us produce candidate shortlists of the most suitable prospects.

The Offer

Once the offer has been agreed and accepted, we monitor the receipt and acceptance of the contract, together with the candidate’s onboarding process.  We will provide honest advice to both candidate and client at this stage, ensuring that all parties are happy with the deal on the table. We will provide clear communication and guidance towards a successful resolution.


Once all have agreed, we ensure seamless due diligence is carried out and completed. We gather employment references and send them to you for review and ensure you are satisfied. Once the candidate has started, we offer follow-on support to them through their first few months. We address any concerns and, if appropriate, escalated to you. Many long-term hires have been achieved, in spite of early “wobbles”, through management of the onboarding process and beyond.

Client Services

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